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My name is Pascal is French and has been teaching French for years, mainly using this website, Youtube… and at universities. My courses are free and professional! Step-by-step method and how-to to increase quicklyyour level in French. I offer an offline support and you can contact me. My lessons are not like a dictionnary or like others do, I mean that I don't read a French book to make my lessons, I try to explain, to give the reason of the rules, here you will understand better your French class.

In the grammar part you will find lessons, easy to understand with videos and exercises, illustrations to download. Also many idiomatic expressions, just launch a search with the expression you need.

There is a page for French verbs, you will find there, many conjugated verbs with audio, you click on the verb and you can hear an audio file for the correct pronunciation of the verb.

New Method Beginners

Beginner vocabulary with audio and recorder, a new and easy to learn interactive method. Listen to the different pronunciation and record your voice then compare.

new French method

Vocabulary by Theme

Pick a theme and start learning with audio, many interactive activities, listening, writing… Greetings, Family, Names, Numbers, Animals and much more!

French vocabulary


Easy step-by-step method to understand clearly French grammar with what you already know in English. Clear how-to videos and quiz or exercises.
Everything about French tenses, moods, sentences, questions, pronouns with the perfect pronunciation.


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Hispano hablantes


Para Falantes de Português


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Hispano hablantes


Para Falantes de Português


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French student

Max from London UK

Thanks Pascal - this website has cleared up several things for me and I will continue to use it. Great stuff

French student 2

Mike from Albuquerque

Your lessons are enormously helpful.

learn French online

James from United States

These are the clearest explanations I have seen for French and Spanish.