French Timetable Future / Emploi du temps

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Listen to the vocabulary using the Audio Player, Just click on the words. Future Timetable in French. Speak about your day and timetable.

You can use the word tomorrow to start your sentence: Demain.

1. Je me réveillerai à / I wake up at
2. Je prendrai / I take, here I have
3. J´irai / I go
4. J'aurais cours de / I have class
5. Je mangerai / I eat
6. J'arrêterai or Je finirai / I stop
7. Je rentrerai / I go back or I go
8. Je dînerai / I have dinner
9. Je regarderai / I watch



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Prendre: to take

Future tense: Je prendrai, tu prendras, il prendra, nous prendrons, vous prendrez, ils prendront.