French Animals / Animaux

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1. L'animal / Animal
2. Les animaux / Animals
3. Le chat / The cat
4. Un chat / A cat
5. Le chien / Dog
6. L'oiseau / Bird
7. La souris / Mouse
8. La vache / Cow
9. Une vache / A cow
10. Le cochon / Pig
11. Le mouton / Sheep
12. La poule / Hen
13. Le cheval (pl:chevaux) / Horse (horses)
14. Le renard / Fox
15. L'ours / Bear
16. J'ai vu un chat / I have seen a cat
17. J'ai vu une poule / I have seen a hen
18. Le lapin / Rabbit
19. Le hamster / Hamster
20. La tortue / Tortoise
21. Le poisson rouge / Gold fish

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Masculine and Feminine

Some words are masculine and others feminine, sometimes it is obvious, for example, un chat is the male name and la chatte is the female one, the same for le chien and la chienne but la souris just gets one gender, the word is feminine even if the mouse is a male.
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The rule is the same in English and in French, we add a S at the end of the word to get the plural form, however there are irregular forms.
Some words ending in -al ( but not all) have a plural in -aux: Un animal, des animaux (but un festival, des festivals)